In August of 2016, owners Erik Kleven and Jennifer Lester joined forces as strangers to prepare and execute an eight course charity dinner in the very space that would house the Bleu Duck a year later.

The historic Conley-Mass building on 4th street SW was under full construction at the time with no kitchen, no dining room, and just the bare bones of a restaurant in the making. Their ability to execute
this dinner as a team made it clear that they would have a strong partnership as they cultivated Bleu Duck into the unique dining experience that it is today.

After opening in August 2016, Bleu Duck Kitchen has gone on to win;

Best New Restaurant 2017
Best Bartender 2018
Best Place for Cocktails 2019
Best Restaurant 2019, 2020 and 2021
Best Food Truck 2021
Best Dealing with a Pandemic Restaurant 2021

Best Restaurant 2022

Best Food Truck 2022

Best Take-out Meal 2022

Throughout this evolution of the restaurant, one thing has remained; Erik Kleven and Jennifer Becker regard each customer as a welcomed friend, and aim to provide them with a new experience that is both personal and unique every time they visit. 

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